Services Business Growth

Focused and business oriented “services cycle”, of your existing service activity, from services strategy throughout services sales and implementation up to profit creation. Our cycle covers basic and advanced product attached services.
The "Services Cycle" assists companies to expand their total business revenues, increase the margins and improve customer satisfaction & loyalty.
C-urVision's "Services Cycle" covers:

Services strategy defining the strategy for specific service type focusing on growth, increase margin and quality. Covering the offering, sales and delivery aspects.

Gap Analysis - analysing the present situation in a number of areas through interviews with selected people. Gaps are identified and prioritized based on our experience and the forecasted business impact.
Services Business plan - building a full Business Plan including potential business growth, financial and product road map per service type and geography together with a clear plan to reach the selected objectives.
 Services offering – developing a global offering based upon the company’s strategic direction and service business, the product’s features and dedicated service capabilities and upon customers, partners, sales and service delivery feedbacks.
Services Sales plan & tools - Defining the sales plan for increasing services business. Creating services sales tools and sales campaign including Price and Contract management. Covering sales channels, targets, incentives and follow up procedures.
Implementation Plan - Building the right local and global service operation (structure & concept). Creating the processes, methods, measurements & tools. Defining the organization changes according to new strategies in order to get an optimal implementation time and quality.
Supporting tools - chose or improve the CRM tool to support to all service operations (customer cases, escalation, information flow, organization, activities etc.).
Conduct a structured periodically Customers Satisfaction Survey (CSS) to assure feedback collection and implementation.

Our services approach covers the entire life cycle from basic and advanced product attached services to full service business which is leveraged by the product development.   


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