Our Approach

What we do:
  • We assist our client to Innovate and Create new business models through Service and Product Innovation  
  • We collect insights from the  customers and our clients to understand all shareholders needs
  • We combine creative and business model methods to create a sustainable innovative road map
  • We translate great ideas into a systematic operative Business Models
  • We build the skills and capabilities to deliver high touch services  

How we Do It:
  • We combine Design Thinking methods with Business model methods (Business Model Generator + Lean Enterprise) to create Service, Product and Business model Innovation
  • Our methods adapts to meet variety of sectors and variety of business challenges 
  • —We have a unique multidisciplinary team of experts
  • —Co-Creation- all stockholders are part of the process
  • The methods are based on an iterative cycles
  • Deliverables are visual and tangible
  • —We are committed for results
  • —Our process and deliverables are measurable 
    • Understand - the client business and firm 
    • Observe -  the end customer , create a Journey map 
    • Synthesis - unpack the understanding and the observation findings into compelling needs and insights, and scope a specific and meaningful challenge 
    • Ideate - create ideas and concepts
    • Business Assessment – Getting focused by taking into considerations the technical, financial, cultural, and operational ramifications of all the ideas created 
    • Prototype – Create a prototype of what the service will be 
    • Validation – test the solution and make it better 
    • Realization – Once the design is approved we work closely with the client to define the requirements, build skills and capabilities
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