About C-urVision Innovation Concept

Product & Solution re-inventionovercome the “turning point” in your business by conducting an entrepreneurship & realization cycle, up to system design and specifications, including:

o   New offering definition based upon a combined business and technical approach

o   New offering realization process up to full development readiness

 Services Business growth - In a world of commoditized products, companies are looking to bring valuable offering that combines products and services. By conducting a strategic “services cycle”   that lead you from services strategy throughout services sales and implementation up to profit creation, we assist companies to create unique value in service offering helping them to:

o   Expand the total business and revenues

o   Increase the margins

o   Improve Customer satisfaction & loyalty

  • NG Networks readinessIn a world of fierce competition with the OTT (Over the   Top) providers and with tremendous changes in the digital home environments, Network operator’s challenges are to leverage their two main assets: The attached subscribers and the Network. The key point is how to accommodate new business models and to become a major beneficial from the new epoch. We assist network operators to:

o   Utilize their network to efficiently support any type of service

o   To Optimize their network to accommodate new business models regarding Video and IPTV delivery

o   To better Secure their network against new risks and threats